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U.S. stocks tumble as Bernanke warns on inflation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks plummeted on Monday, driving the Dow industrial average to its lowest close in three months, as investors worried that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's tough talk on inflation meant the Fed wasn't done raising interest rates.


还有,我的 fxcm (“发现陈默”?) 模拟账号,$5000 保证金被造掉了。看上一周的 AUD/CAD fx 变动,我是在接近最高位 0.8378 建仓,应该是在昨天挂掉的吧,因为曾经有过 0.8230 的低价。本以为控制每日亏本 $500 很容易,实际上见到低位而不停补仓的念头是遏制不住的。完全不了解 AUD/CAD 行情和影响因素,不了解与其他货币对的关系,贸然持有头寸,是白痴的做法。

现在又有新闻,与前面的是一致的,EUR/USD 达到 1-year high,当然啦,站在美国人的角度,Dollar slides to 1-year low vs euro,那么,如果申请新的 fxcm 模拟账号,应该做什么操作?
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