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* Name:中島美嘉 (Nakashima Mika)
* Birthday: February 19th, 1983
* Birth Place: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
* Zodiac: Aquarius
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 160cm
* Weight: 40kg
* Favorite Artist: Dreams Come True
* Favorite Flower: Lotus
* Favorite Cartoon Character: Doraemon

Wiki.ThePPN, an attempt to create a complete reference to Asian pop culture. 首页上分别是 KAT-TUN, B'z, T.M.Revolution, 信息大概都是乱七八糟的。Wiki 吗,就是这样。

还可以查到 Nakajima Miyuki

* Name : 中島みゆき (Nakajima Miyuki)
* Birthdate : February 23, 1952

* Name : 李冬 (xxxxxxx, roland.li, crucify)
* Birthdate : January 26, 1983

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