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20050906 Bonnie Tyler

I bought a CD of Bonnie Tyler's HeartStrings at 10 Chinese dollar. Of course this is something called "foreign trash", which is send to China and dissassembled, used as raw materials in unknown industry, due to its low quality. Why can I accept this... I don't know. When I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy, the best CD extract program) to extract tracks from it, EAC reported a lot of errors. 2 of the songs are so broken that EAC has to give up, and the result pcm wave files are full of noise :( Luckily, others are fine... There may be jitters and other problems but I cannot distinguish them. Sometimes it is better to use an earphone which only cost 160 Chinese dollar, not the much more expensive one, because it is harder to find flaws in sound tracks... but I want a better one, anyway.
    About Bonnie Tyler, I don't know her much. Exactly speaking, I don't know here before until I listened her voice. Her voice is... terrible. But I can accept that voice, no matter how raucity it is... I like that voice. I like Mariah Carey. But you should not listen that for very long time, it would make you bored and over too exciting, become dangerous, become... no, I shouldn't say so much, I have to read my books when I'm still at work with nothing to do :-\

    I find a lot of Russians and Singapore people on LiveJournal site. About half of the people are from Russia... so the RSS feed is almost a sealed book to me.

    What I want to buy most... is the J.S.Bach unaccompanied voilin concertoes... I don't know if I were wrong. When concertofish, rainysea and siren, they talked bout this many years ago, I began to looking for these CDs. I think music makes these girls more beautiful. And they should have the same effect on my girls... my beloved.

    About my friend Jane Gao... I think she's having a hard time in Canada. At first her nick on MSN Messanger is "hungry" and now is "bicycle is broken" :( I think she's doing things alone, her BF may fly to her city later, or they can only meet every x weeks? Hope she'd be healthy at least. Of course she's in happiness. :)
    I quite wonder her daily schedule... She's always online as I'm working, so she's not sleeping at night? According to Xiaohua, they have a 13 hours' difference to us. So when I'm 10:00AM, they'are 11:00PM... of yesterday. Well I must ask her for a exact answer.


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