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zz: Vim 6.4 发布。

有篇比较 GNU Vim 和 GNU Emacs 的文章很不错。其中提到,

Vi and Emacs are different:

    * Most simply, Vi was designed to write PROGRAMS, with all other types of file possible. Emacs was designed to write TEXT, with all other types of file possible.
    * Vi is much smaller and loads much faster; it will fit on a diskette while Emacs quite definitely will not.
    * The Biggie: Emacs is modeless, Vi has modes.
          o This relates to how an editor performs its two main functions: entering text and executing commands relating to the text.
          o Most modern editors and word processors are modeless, so that a user may enter text (e.g., typing "A") or a command (^S to save the file) at any time.
          o Vi has three modes:
                + Text insert mode
                + Keystroke command mode (vi mode)
                + Command line mode (ex mode)
    * Plus and Minus for modeless:
          o (+)Familiar.
          o (+)Easily adapts to standard GUI pull-down menu style.
          o (-)Commands have complicated syntax and hard-to-type keystrokes, since a limited number of keys are available for commands.
          o (-)Some needed keys might not be available on all keyboards.
    * Plus and Minus for modes:
          o (-)Confusion about which mode program is currently in.
          o (-)Nuisance of switching modes frequently.
          o (+)Many more keystrokes (~90) available for commands.
          o (+)Touch typists tend to become very proficient because the fingers can stay in their normal positions almost all the time.

就我自己而言,平时用 vim 因为比较快,而我的程序太弱智了所以必须不停的调试。但是在翻译 po 文件的时候,emacs 是首选。emacs 功能太多以至于根本懒得去用它了 (其实主要的问题在于我不会用 ELISP 写程序, :( )

这种时候 Slashdot 一定会有好玩的笑话,包括不客气的人身攻击:

Look, as good as vim could be, at this rate, you are not going to catch up with emacs, which is already at version 21.x or something. Which just proved that emacs is much better. If you don't believe, here is some proofs:

1- Emacs has a much higher version number, which proves to be a more mature software, which proves to be better (more mature is better)

2- Even an icon such as RMS whom has been proved to be more intelligent than the average USians, uses Emacs. This shows that smart people always make the right choice, and in reverse, proves that Emacs is better than Vim.

3- Everyone in Cryptonomicon, which is the bibile of all geeks, uses Emacs. We even have a module for encryption. It would take a long time for Vim to catch up to that kind of functionalities.

4- Only in Emacs can you do Ctrl-A to move the beginning of a line. In one shot. How could you do that in
Vim? You have to Esc, then press 0, which is lame. Which just shows how advanced Emacs is in terms of maturity and functionality.

5- As the theorem goes, computer science is a science for minimizing keystrokes. Emacs, in contrast to Vim, can prove this theorem right. Emacs users press less keys than Vim users.

6- Humans have 10 fingers (some may have more, but I don't know how to grow them), and Emacs allows you to use all your fingers at one. Which shows you that Emacs has a better human user interface. In contrast, Vim users can only type one key at a time, which has no concept of fingers. That is like an interface for dogs, which can only press one key at a time with their paws. (这是我吗?)

7- Emacs allows users to stretch their fingers more, and finger exercise has been proved, again and again, scientifically, to help increase human intelligence. The more you use Emacs, the more you become intelligent. Unlike Vim users, who become dumber and dumber, and end up with paws.

8- Everyone knows that geeks do no exercise. But we Emacs users have our daily dose of finger exercise. As a result, Emacs users have better shape. Take a look at the comparison: RMS (Emacs user) vs ESR (Vi user). RMS definitely looks better, with a nicer beard too. ESR can only have a lousy Asterix moustache. And look at what these two persons said in public, which just proved points 2, 6, and 7.

9- Look at this deductive proof I'm giving right now. Only an Emacs user can attain this level of intellect.

10- As a result of the last 9 points, this proves that Emacs is better. And from an evolutionary point of view, Emacs is like modern humans, and Vim like chimpanzee.

* putting on flame suite *

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