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GNOME 2.12 Released!

The file manager, also known as Nautilus, has several user interface improvements in GNOME 2.12. Most noticeably, the list view can now show files in directories, allowing you to navigate down to a sub-folder and open a new folder window only when necessary. Also for your convenience, the Bookmarks menu now shows the same locations as the File Chooser dialog. 

GNOME now remembers data that you copy, even when you close the window from which it was copied. This long-standing problem has finally been solved without the performance problems usually associated with clipboard daemons, by allowing applications to explicitly request the use of this feature. 

As part of the work to support the Sabayon user profile manager, GNOME startup reads and touches fewer settings. Besides small performance gains, this means that GNOME 2.12 is easier to administer than ever, particularly in combination with Sabayon, which while not officially part of GNOME, makes setting up user profiles for GNOME very easy. 

GNOME's Applications menu now uses the freedesktop menu specification, so applications can be installed easily regardless of the desktop environment used. GNOME 2.12 has a simple tool for editing the menu and, because the infrastructure is standards compliant, other 3rd-party tools are becoming available. 

GNOME 2.12 provides a new Services Administration tool, which allows you to choose which services will be started when the computer starts. 

The GNOME log viewer makes investigation easier by showing all logs in one tabbed window and allowing you to browse logs in a calendar. The new version navigator also helps when viewing archived logs. 

GTK+ now uses the freedesktop Cairo drawing API, making custom widget drawing easier to implement and allowing new effects. In the near future, this should allow GNOME to use new graphics effects and take advantage of hardware acceleration, as well as improving our printing APIs. 

GNOME developers are working hard with other members of the free software community through Freedesktop.org on the development of standards to allow interoperability. Those standards include: shared MIME database, icon themes, recent files, menus, desktop entries, thumbnail management, and the system tray specifications. In addition, GNOME supports CORBA, XML, Xdnd, EWMH, XEMBED, XSETTINGS, and XSMP

Thanks to members of the worldwide GNOME Translation Project, under the leadership of Christian Rose and Danilo Šegan, GNOME 2.12 offers support for 43 languages (at least 80 percent of strings translated).  Note that Galician, Estonian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Nepali, Slovak, Vietnamese, Thai, and Xhosa are new supported languages in GNOME 2.12, thanks to the hard work of their translators. Also worthy of mention is that British English and Canadian English are also supported.

GNU Classpath 0.18 released!

This is our first release after "The Big Merge" with GCC/GCJ. GNU
Classpath can now be used as a subdirectory of libgcj inside the GCC
tree so it will be much easier to keep GCC up-to-date with the latest
GNU Classpath developer release snapshots. 

Added GNU JAWT for awt native interface support. Datatransfer
clipboard updated to 1.5 including support for copy/paste of
serialized objects, images and files. Completed the org.omg
PortableInterceptor, DynamicAny and Portable Object Adapter
packages. Multi plaf support for Free Swing. Editing support for
JTree and JTable. Lots of icons and look and feel improvements for
Free Swing basic and metal themes. NIO FileChannel.map implemented
and DirectByteBuffer put method speedups. Image loading speedups for
awt. Support for darwin and solaris out of the box. 

This release depends on gtk+ 2.4 for AWT support. But gtk+ 2.6 or
higher is recommended. Included, but not activated by default in this
release is a Graphics2D implementation based on the Cairo Graphics
framework ( http://www.cairographics.org ). Enabling this makes programs
like JFreeChart and JEdit start up on GNU Classpath based runtimes.
To enable this support install the cairo 0.5.x snapshot, configure GNU
Classpath with --enable-gtk-cairo.

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