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zz:Redhat Co-Founder Bob Young Resigns

slashdot 太搞笑了,太搞笑了,肚皮都要破了

Bob Young a corporate Linux pioneer (Score:5, Informative)

The resignation of Bob Young is both surprising and saddening. Bob has
arguably been one of the key figures responsible for the rise of Linux
in corporate settings, complementing the technical nous of people like
Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox, with an innovative and daring business
model. The deep penetration of Linux into massive corporate entities
such as IBM probably would not have happened as rapidly as it did
without the pioneering advocacy work of Red Hat Inc, and Bob Young.

However, Bob's record hasn't been free of the odd black mark.
Competition between the various Linux vendors for lucrative support
contracts and bundling deals has often brought out the claws. For
example, in 1999, a small group of anonymous users started posting
extensively to the Debian discussion groups, claiming that Bruce Perens
and Ian Murdoch actually used RPM on their Debian boxes to perform
package administration, instead of apt-get, (which they also claimed
was contaminated with IP belonging to an un-named x86 Unix vendor). The
whole aim was to discredit these high profile individuals and have them
forcibly removed from the Debian project. However, the whole scam
backfired about 2 weeks later when the Debian list server admin
revealed that the offending posts had originated from Red Hat's own
network, and in fact were being sent directly from Bob Young's personal
workstation, where he had concocted an apt-get driven script which
automatically spammed the Debian mailing lists with pro-RPM FUD. Bob
later admitted his part in the scheme in a Linux World interview in
2002, admitting that he had used a modified apt-get to "install
packages of anti-Perens propaganda on the Debian mailing list server",
and quoting "the superior ability of apt-get to deal with flamebait and
troll dependencies over our own RPM tool"
. That particular story had a
happy ending for the Debian commnunity fortunately, as Bruce Perens
went on to have a highly successful career at HP, working as a Linux
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