Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

oh what a night

© /me was f*cked by 6 or 7 mosquitos who came 2 at a time every an hour. Luckily, they all were f*cked and k*lled (SM) by me.

It is winter here in Shenzhen, South China. Who knows why they are still so alive.

Last night:

Installed "极点五笔" both 5.1 and 6beta2
Installed stardict-2.4.8.exe by decompress the installer using 7-zip, because the installer cannot detect GTK+ version above 2.10
Installed XMLSpy 2007
Installed some UniFonts.exe (URL http://okuc.net/software/UniFonts.exe )
Installed flashget-1.8beta1 which could download > 40 fragments simultaneously in 5 connections, who knows why. And sometimes the downloaded file corrupts. Why don't they use some simple checksum instead of rely on the same URL? /me confused.
Watch the first half of "The.King.Of.War" by Nicolas Cage.
Cook pork and chicken together, with a lot of potatoes. This is our favourite because they're easy and delicious. Unfortunately I used too much water, so the meat became too hard to eat, while the potatoes should require another 15 minutes. Ha! After all Thanksgiving Day is a festival though it is not for us!

Still is there the sound of mosquito around my ears. I don't know if it is.. fallacy. Oh I have to speak English instead of just look up from stardict/babylon/kingdict then write useless letters.

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