Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

zz:yum update can commit suicide

一个悲惨的故事。不幸的是,它也发生在我身上。 :(
现在系统 rpm db 里面还有无数的 duplicate..

Yesterday I was trying to update my FC6 laptop. Quite a few updates,
because this system was not used that much recently.

I did not use the updates applet, because I was on a restrictive
network: first establish a VPN connection, then you can use a proxy
through VPN to browse the Internet.
Since this is not my typical location, the proxy was not set in the
desktop configuration.

So I had to run yum manually in a terminal window. First do an "export
http_proxy=..." then run yum.

Halfway through the update, X was killed by some script in one of the
update packages. Of course, that also killed yum, mid-transaction. :-(
Init restarted X, of course, but now I was staring at the gdm login screen.

This is pretty rude, not to mention that killing yum in the middle of a
transaction can leave the system in a messy state.

I'm not sure what needs to be fixed (don't kill X, or make yum or rpm
smarter and don't kill X if the session is being run from within X, or
something like that), I don't even know which package caused that, but
my take is that this is something that needs to be fixed.


sv 说,http://skvidal.wordpress.com/2006/12/04/re-wow/


The avahi project added some Debian specific bits to their config file upstream, which sneaked into the Fedora packages via an update. This was also the cause of the recent 'yum update' breakage that would kill X and screw up your yum update leaving duplicate packages.

The avahi dbus config file needs to have the Debian specific bits removed, and an update pushed. The message is harmless, and the operation of Avahi is unaffected however.
Tags: fedora

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