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PulseAudio hawtness

September 1st, 2006 by ed

Recently PulseAudio acquired the ability to advertise its services over the local network via Avahi.

What does this mean?

At this moment I have Rhythmbox running on my iBook, playing through my desktop’s (far better) speakers. All it took to set this up was clicking on the PulseAudio notification area icon and selecting my desktop’s sound card. (Well, and fixing a small bug…)

This is what Just Works is supposed to feel like…

on 20 Feb 2007 at 5:51 am bbbush
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:( I just come across a bad situation, that no pulseaudio notification area icon/applet is loaded, zeroconf support is not loaded automatically, cannot find a GUI configuration tool of PA, have to adjust gstreamer-properties by hand, cannot have rhythmbox working at all even when other gstreamer frontend works, exaile takes up all the memory (leaks) when pulseaudio process is killed… hope it is because I’m running rawhide and PA has not made its way into fedora.


Haha, I found that the management rpms are not named "pulse-*" but "paman", "padevchooser", "pavucontrol" and "pavumeter". Run padevchooser and I have the applet now (no icon, though). I don't know why one of the volume control could be 480%, and don't know how to load modules such as zeroconf yet (maybe use pacmd from pulseaudio-utils package?) rhythmbox still has no sound. :(
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