Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

fedora: chmsee

刚才更新了一把 chmsee。

这又是头一次。记得那时春节的长假让我能有足够的精力去把 chmsee push to fedora extras,主要是找不到愿意帮忙的 reviewer。就是得死缠烂打。那时候是第一次和 fedora extras cvs & build system 打交道,迷迷糊糊的;后来还改了一次 rpm spec 文件,因为忘了 commit changes 就 make tag && make build 了,当时慌了一头冷汗。现在 chmsee 有了 1.0.0-beta2,要改挺多东西,又要和 cvs & buildsys 打交道了 - -

spec 和 patch 的更新可以用 cvs 命令完成。到 fedora core repo 查 firefox 的最新版本,更新 spec;把旧的 patch 删掉,新的提交进去。而 sources 的更新就用到了新的命令,
make new-sources FILES=...
全部的命令可以用 make help 看到。在 devel branch 做一次,在 FC-6 branch 做一次,第二次会提示文件已上传,只要提交(自动更改了的) sources 和 .cvsignore 就可以了。

最后把所有改动的东西都提交上去。一共更新了 spec, patch, sources 和 .cvsignore 这四个文件。再在 FC-6 和 devel 目录分别运行一次 make tag && make build。

这个过程需要和 cvs 交互好几次,所以 eval `ssh-agent` && ssh-add 才方便。

[yuan@mstar devel]$ pwd

[yuan@mstar devel]$ make help
Usage: make 
Available targets are:
        help                    Show this text
        sources                 Download source files [default]
        upload FILES=    Add  to CVS
        new-sources FILES=       Replace sources in CVS with 
                          Local test rpmbuild binary
        prep                    Local test rpmbuild prep
        compile                 Local test rpmbuild compile
        compile-short           Local test rpmbuild short-circuit compile
        install-short           Local test rpmbuild short-circuit install
        export                  Create clean export in "cvs-chmsee-1_0_0-0_16_beta2_fc7"
        check                   Check test srpm preps on all archs
        srpm                    Create a srpm
        tag                     Tag sources as "chmsee-1_0_0-0_16_beta2_fc7"
        build                   Request build of "chmsee-1_0_0-0_16_beta2_fc7" for devel
        mockbuild               Local test build using mock
        verrel                  Echo "chmsee-1.0.0-0.16.beta2.fc7"
        new                     Diff against last tag
        clog                    Make a clog file containing top changelog entry
        clean                   Remove srcs (chmsee-1.0.0-beta2.tar.gz), export dir (cvs-chmsee-1_0_0-0_16_beta2_fc7) and srpm (chmsee-1.0.0-0.16.beta2.fc7.src.rpm)
        patch SUFFIX=     Create and add a gendiff patch file
        rediff SUFFIX=    Recreates a gendiff patch file, retaining comments
        gimmespec               Print the name of the specfile

Tags: fedora

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