October 17th, 2005

fedora 蓝色小药丸

zz:Horton AV 公司推出针对 Linux 的禽流感疫苗

Horton AV annouces avian flu vaccine for Linux
这个太搞了,尤其是 "We know that Linux is vulnerable to viruses," claimed Horton AV spokesman Bob Sinister, "but up until now we have been unable to identify any legitimate threats, in spite of our industry's frequent announcements. Avian flu, however, is a serious threat to Linux, due to Linux's close association with penguins." Collapse )


fedora 蓝色小药丸

zz: Vim 6.4 发布。

有篇比较 GNU Vim 和 GNU Emacs 的文章很不错。其中提到,

Vi and Emacs are different:

    * Most simply, Vi was designed to write PROGRAMS, with all other types of file possible. Emacs was designed to write TEXT, with all other types of file possible.
    * Vi is much smaller and loads much faster; it will fit on a diskette while Emacs quite definitely will not.
    * The Biggie: Emacs is modeless, Vi has modes.
          o This relates to how an editor performs its two main functions: entering text and executing commands relating to the text.
          o Most modern editors and word processors are modeless, so that a user may enter text (e.g., typing "A") or a command (^S to save the file) at any time.
          o Vi has three modes:
                + Text insert mode
                + Keystroke command mode (vi mode)
                + Command line mode (ex mode)
    * Plus and Minus for modeless:
          o (+)Familiar.
          o (+)Easily adapts to standard GUI pull-down menu style.
          o (-)Commands have complicated syntax and hard-to-type keystrokes, since a limited number of keys are available for commands.
          o (-)Some needed keys might not be available on all keyboards.
    * Plus and Minus for modes:
          o (-)Confusion about which mode program is currently in.
          o (-)Nuisance of switching modes frequently.
          o (+)Many more keystrokes (~90) available for commands.
          o (+)Touch typists tend to become very proficient because the fingers can stay in their normal positions almost all the time.

就我自己而言,平时用 vim 因为比较快,而我的程序太弱智了所以必须不停的调试。但是在翻译 po 文件的时候,emacs 是首选。emacs 功能太多以至于根本懒得去用它了 (其实主要的问题在于我不会用 ELISP 写程序, :( )

这种时候 Slashdot 一定会有好玩的笑话,包括不客气的人身攻击: Collapse )

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