March 28th, 2006

fedora 蓝色小药丸

SVGDeveloper 1.0 released
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PDF2SVG V3.0 Released
(PDFDownloader 插件要是有这个功能该有多好 :) The PDF2SVG Command-Line application is available for US $549 per CPU and can be purchased directly online at: Evaluation versions are available for download at:
The SVG Terminal for Firefox
SELinux FAQ (为 fedora 5 更新)
这个还没有阅读。觉得 fedora-docs 那些意大利文的译者真是疯狂,因为什么文档都能及时更新。
《塞尔达传说 幻影沙漏》
(决定把 SonicRush 通关,把牧场物语打到三年,到时候差不多就发售了..我的进度真是慢啊),289483,sid39_gci1174338,00.html
Interview Kyle Rankin, author of Linux Multimedia Hacks
Max Spevack, our new Fedora Project Leader
今天在邮件列表上看到 Robert 'Bob' Jensen 发布消息,要做 relnotes errata,才想起来 Bob 开始接手 Karsten Wade 的事情了,new Editor-in-Chief for release notes
All eyes on new Fed chief Ben Bernanke
"What will the Fed say on Tuesday? Many expect another rate hike at Bernanke's first meeting as central bank chief. But will he surprise them in the statement?"
Psst. Who's the new guy? And what's he up to?
Could a common installer be the answer for desktop Linux?
Most every Linux distribution has some means whereby you can install the OS over the network. So, rather than using CDs, let's make this the standard method of installation. When you boot this distribution I'm imagining, it would configure your network connection and give you a menu of Linux distributions to choose from, with screenshots and descriptions of each, and then automatically pull down your pick.

Want to get even more ambitious? Suppose the installer contained an algorithm that would generate a standardized hash code representing all the hardware installed in your machine -- sort of like how Windows XP's copy-protection scheme works. This code could then be sent to Linux vendors for verification, so that a user could know that a given distro would actually work on specific hardware before downloading a gigabyte of software. Who knows? Hardware vendors could even publish these hash codes in their advertisements.

Anaconda 支持 apt 的可能性

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yum install mathml-fonts
Profile 的概念很有意思,Ruby text 也很有意思
fedora 蓝色小药丸




update: 也许他写书的目的就是为了让读者在道德上得到教益。

昨天看到 Hohhot 气温是 -3,预告是 6;结果今天看到气温是 -9,预告是 11:可怜的孩子,大前天就感冒了,这可怎么好。

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