March 30th, 2006

fedora 蓝色小药丸


昨天没有看书,而是看电视。晚饭也没有做,买的面包凑乎。昨天一天,说好要放松一点的,可是到了晚上却坐得腿部有点拉伤..@_@ 于是晚上什么都不想干了。坐着在小凳子上,突然摔倒,发出惊天动地的响声,连身后的茶几也险些碰坏。于是这一夜就在腿部和俩胳膊的疼痛中度过。


太长了,说得又快,竟然听不懂 :(
Dan Walsh, great name from Red Hat. 视频中的 Dan 和我想象的差不多,是个高大的美国人。其实,和这几天公司那位美国佬很像,我们这位更圆一点而已,并且笑起来很可怕,让我记起了王三石。
fedora 蓝色小药丸

GNOME usability

arvindn My parents (and sister) run linux. Now, that's great most of the time, as long as they are doing email, browsing, chat and document formatting. No viruses, no spyware, no crashes to worry about. And GNOME is definitely more intuitive than windows to people who are familiar with neither. So I think I do less tech support for them than I would if they used windows.

However, the minute they want to do anything that the box is not set up to do (like, I don't know, install software or get a new device working), it's hell. It invariably involves messing with command line stuff, and doing tech support is like trying to help a blind person traverse a minefield... over the Internet.

Think about people who don't have fat pipes. Installing stuff via apt or yum is out of the question.

The trouble with new devices isn't the drivers -- its the user interface. If it's a mike, there are about a zillion different channels to control in the mixer and you have to select some appropriate combination of them for the damn thing to work. I have trouble doing this myself. If its a music player, it won't mount correctly due to some weird permissions problem. If its a camera, the images had better get automatically imported or else they can't figure out the interface. You get the picture.

啊,转载过来,觉得最后一段说得太有意思了。arvindn 实在是个很会修辞的人。后面还有和rfc9000吵架的一段,两边都克制着,LJ 毕竟不是 OSNews/. :)
fedora 蓝色小药丸

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You may be paid more (or less) than you think

CNN Money 今天这一篇很有意思,说得也对,从事喜欢的职业,其他方面的成本可以很低,得到的快乐也可以使实际所得大大增加。现在就是不快乐,还好并未像文中所说工资减少那么多。不过,接下来有挑战性的事情来了,又有一段时间可以快乐了吧 :)