September 28th, 2008

fedora 蓝色小药丸

Fedora Wiki

What am I doing? I have just finished something that I'd rather do it
months ago. When was migrated from
Moinmoin to Mediawiki, a lot of things got changed. I had to learn a
lot of new syntax, rules and best practices, and I was busy then, and
had caught so-called hyper-tension. Now I feel much better. After
tried Mediawiki at several places, also watch the others editing the
wiki. I also watched the mailing list for every advice. I decided to
do the clean up now.

Read for my every step and TODO
list, if you can read Chinese.

The big change:

Since zh_CN contains both simplified chinese as well as tranditional
chinese text (half to half), and zh_TW has so few activities, I think
it is helpful to merge these two prefix to a single "zh" one. The
other projects also do this, like Wikipedia or GentooWiki
(Unfortunately we don't have an independent wiki system, so no
"variant", no "autoconvert".) In this way, every one who use Chinese
can use the same URL, instead of the hard to spell, vague meaning
"zh_CN" (wikipedia uses Hans and Hant as variant names now).

The big change 2:

A lot of "Category" is added to classify or tag pages. Previously it
is hard to track pages, now it can be much easier. Newly added tags
are: "中文" (general tag serves like the "zh" namespace), "社区", "项目",
"翻译", "原创", "转载" (to distinguish content, where it originates.
Actually fp.o wiki is best suitable for Community, Projects as well as
Documents, but not for Translation. The part of Reprint should be made
to a minimum because of the license restriction), "聚会记录", "新闻周刊",
"有问有答" (our special weekly logs and programs), "2008", "2007" (to
record events and publications). Some other cateogories are shared
from main project, FreeMedia will use "Distribution" for example.

The big change 3:

Make use of the special namespace "Meeting:" for all meeting logs, and
use special namespace "Archive:" for all publicans as well as
FreeMedia records.

Small changes:

Update links, add notes to pages that requires editing, mark some
pages as not used, will not translate, dropped, etc.

Personally I want some kind of notes that shows like a warning to the
editor, so the editor can stop and edit them, but it should not affect
normal visitor. I have searched Special:PrefixIndex/Template: but many
of the templates do not have a document.


Invite contributors to write documents. Write down wiki usage. (?)
Migrate my old pages to new prefix (as wiki name is changed). Fix the
"Contributor" page (use Category: 中文 instead?)

[[Category: 2008]]