September 17th, 2014

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Feedback letter to Peoples Gas[1]

Credit report dispute.

To whom it may concern:

I called at around 5pm, and the receptionist cannot figure it out why I had a "late payment" record (amount about $83). And she went ahead to investigate, but it seems she forgot to call me back for her results. After waiting for about an hour I have to hang up.

Hereby I request Peoples Gas remove the "late payment" record from all credit reports of mine on or before 9/18/2014. It is emergent because I am currently working on a home loan, and such record will severely impact my ability to borrow and the interest rate lender will charge.

Please send me a confirmation as soon as possible that this will be further investigated and any such mistakes will be removed from my credit reports. Since I established my account I have not missed a bill and I always paid on time. And my balance is clear since the beginning. This mistake on my credit report is too much a surprise.
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edit 9/18/2014: Called loan specialist and confirmed the amount in question is NOT from Peoples Gas. So, Peoples Gas is again clear now -- at least it is not blocking my mortgage loan. I am sorry if the inquiry is causing anything bad. To add bad to worse, I have not received an answer, a call, or an email from Peoples Gas yet.
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