May 8th, 2019

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THOTCON 0xA recap


THOTCON 0xA had these parts relevant to me

— Visit the villages

Usually I can spend half an hour or more to work on something. Last year it was a car hack game, and this year there was a radio related booth. I am always interested in radio stuff, but never tried it. Now everything is digital, software based (SDR) so it feels even more complex. I wondered why people are still playing with that, when there are better ways to communicate. One of the booth hosts told me he is into radios because things like wifi or bluetooth are just radios, so working on radios helps to understand or work on those things.

Didn't have time or the fun to work on car hacking booth. Every time I feel I am an outsider, it takes a lot time to settle down and enjoy some puzzles or conversations. I don't work in security, just interested, and I know so little. Worse is that I only attend the first day without the party. I have to take my son to a mini maker faire at Schurz HS on Saturday. Have to persuade myself to buy next year's ticket, but it might be better if someone I know can attend too? 

— Luckily there is someone I know (and who is always kind to me) also attending. Watched how he and another colleague solved puzzles

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