January 3rd, 2021

fedora 蓝色小药丸


Last time I wrote a review was in 2018, about 2017. Or maybe I wrote something elsewhere, maybe on Twitter? It was hard to write something freely even with my mother language.

The last week of 2020 was a happy time. The company I worked for (Morningstar) made a decision to let everyone take off this entire week. I kept telling myself unlike before, a break does not really mean a break to me. As a developer I know the feeling of overly relaxed and then find it hard to get back to work — when you pick up the left over programming work, only to find it written so badly and could have a completely rewrite. Right now I am thinking more like a PM, so when a project is not physically going, I still can think about it, and there is no way to re-submit a WIP project. But nevertheless, the past week was a happy one. Sleep late at night to read or watch movies, then wake up quite late, a long missed luxury. Have lunch and prepare to go skating, then have dinner when come back from the Warren Park Ice Rink. I prefer simple and repetitive days like this. In 2016 when my parents came over, I also took a long leave. During that time, the daily schedule was just swimming with dad. Even though we lack the skill in either activities, it is good to kill time together.

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