June 5th, 2021

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BP 1st year

Basic Program is a reading program from UChicago. The information can be found here [1] and currently it is open for signing up for the next year [2]

Other than BP there are also Open to All Courses and something called "Alumni Courses".  If one follows closely, there are often trials and free events to sign up as well, to get a sense who the educators are, and what topics are being discussed, and how the courses are taught.  For example, the first Friday of every month, there is a signature event — one hour seminar that I always look forward to. In this summer, there is the class "BASC70100 -    How to Read Classic Texts:  75th Anniversary Edition" [3], highly recommended.

Last year there were frequent discussion events on movies too. I tried once but did not watch the movie in advance. Then I signed up for another one, "Force Majeure", and watched a couple of times, then I forgot to join the discussion. Same for the movie "Black Panther".. so somehow I refused to share my takes, more to that later.

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