Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

Fedora 7 发布了

看 leader spevack 怎么说的:

Zod has stepped aside, or been distracted by a nice big jug of Moonshine.

昨天下载了一天的 DVD,夜里 10 点正式发布后,又下载 liveCD 直到夜里两点。刻录,分发做礼物!

老实说,这次 fedora 7 仍然问题多多

* kernel 3194 在某些 Dell 机器上不启动,我不幸中招.. 血的教训是一定要多测试,然后去大哭大闹 - -
* xv 驱动无法流畅地播放视频。这个一早就测试到了,可是仍然没有报
* File Chooser 对话框的默认大小在大分辨率的情况下没法用,需要更新 Gtk2
* DVD 貌似还是不能直接用作 repo,需要自己 createrepo (?存疑)
* (still more to come)

刚发布的半小时内就有 3k+ BT 用户下载中。我是亲眼看着数字一点点涨上去的,睡觉时大概是 4k+,今天早晨到了 6k+ 了,还有 1k+ 已经下载完。http://torrent.fedoraproject.org

IRC 上有 400+ 在线,然而仍然只到 ubuntu 论坛的 1/3,可见 fedora 用户不喜欢 IRC。ubuntu 用户喜欢 IRC 也许是因为 ubuntu is a better debian.

fedora 7 DVD 中有 1608 个软件包,包括了 iwlwifi-firmware 和其他几种 firmware,包括了 ntfs-3g 和 ntfsprogs,仍然不包括 mp3 解码器,因此只支持 ogg 视频,ogg/flac/wavepak 音频。

New features summary
By Xaero_Vincent (2.24) on 2007-06-01 04:59:09
* Automatic hotplugging display devices (X-server 1.3)
* Core and Extras merged and better security auditing
* Fedora Directory Server (like Active Directory)
* New 80211Mac (Devicescape) network stack
* Tickless kernel (better power management)
* Comprehensive SELinux GUI config tool
* New installable Live CDs including KDE
* SELinux troubleshooting tool included
* More open community involvement
* New FOSS Nvidia driver (testing)
* Much faster Yum, Pirut, Pup
* Wireless firmware included
* KVM (Kernel Virtulization)
* Latest software packages
* Improved I18N support
* Smolt (hardware tool)
* Fast User Switching
* New desktop theme
* New Firewire stack
* New libata driver
* Liberation fonts

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