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1. 买了一套 M$ 的键盘鼠标套装。极动套装 220 元。新的鼠标扫描速度高,可以解决鼠标指针不稳定的问题。上次的举措,一个玻璃鼠标垫,证明无效。键盘薄一些,也许手腕不会累?从小养成的习惯,不会悬空胳膊打字,没办法。
(回来才发现键盘是 PS/2 接口,而我们的电脑是注重成本的 Dell,也就是说,我还得去买转接头。或者说,这份极动套装已经在柜橱里摆了很久了 :()
2. 把脚底下的东西搬开。微软键盘的电缆上有个红色黑边的警告纸条,禁止撕掉,警告的内容是:

今天在赛博数码广场还看到一位 MM。她说话声音和娇娇一模一样。刹那间我以为她真的就在那里。我的第一个想法就是想她,想和她吃饭,听她讲故事,自信满满的,尽管那些故事我不爱听,我只爱听她讲故事。要自信满满的,要有那样的声音。


夏中伟帅哥的买相机的打算,不知道啥时候能实现。一台 Canon A620 标价 3080 送 256M 也许是 SD 卡。他一个月工资扣掉食宿,够了。。。。要是我,我就会想我一年能有几个月。毕竟四个月来,扣掉明天必须买的东西,我一个月只能攒下一千多,和老娘的估计一模一样。老娘建议我开零存整取帐户,不过我想我高中时候就玩过一个月二十五块的零存整取了,现在就不好玩了(毕竟我是穷人家的孩子)。

看 brownie 的 A70 照出来的东山岛的海,那么漂亮。蓝蓝的海水,颜色太诱人了!


asdf 的深刻寓意

From: Clint Herron <hanclinto@airlocked.com>

I just thought your site was kickin'. :) If I could use a publishing company for something, I would go through you. :) You guys really are on track with your theories, and only few people such as you have actually touched the inner meaning of asdf, the true sanctum. One such example, "asdf" converted into morse code is .- ... -.. ..-. If you take the .'s and convert them to 0's and take the -'s and convert them to 1's, you get the binary number of 010001000010, which is 1090 in decimal. The year 1090 just happens to be 2 years after Christodoulos of Patmos, supported by Emperor Alexius I Komnenos, founded the monastery of Saint John the Theologian on Patmos. Only *4* years after the year 1090 AD... The First Crusade (1095-99) captured Jerusalem; and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem begins. Now because the Crusade on Jerusalem happened only a short time after the crucial year 1090, we can convert the letters ASDF into the ancient hebrew alphabet, and we get Aleph Vov Daled Samech (because of the differences in alphabets, these might not be accurate translations). We take the letters, and convert them into one word. Alephvovdaledsamech -- which converted phonetically sounds like "A lef volv da leads a mech". We can then read these sounds into words, and we get "A left Volvo does leads a mech." Going further, we get "A left Volvo does lead the mechanics", or "A left Volvo does lead the mechanical industry". We can then read into it, that a "left Volvo", obviously a car made in a country where you drive on the left side of the road, will one day lead the mechanical, or automobile industry. Ford Motors Inc. must have found out about this information before I could disclose it to you -- for they just bought Volvo. Ford is obviously trying to change this age-old Hebrew prophecy, and claim the automobile industry for themselves! You must rally the people! To the top of Mount Sinai! We shall stop them yet! ARMAGEDDON HAS BEGUN!!!!!

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