Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

How to handle mixed use of relative link to subpage, and page embedding on our new wiki?

Dear Lazyweb,

How to handle mixed use of relative link to "subpage", and "page
embedding" on our new wiki?

Page A included A/B using {{/B}}

Page A/B refers A/C using [[../C]]

Now on page A, the link points to "C" which doesn't exist... How to fix this?

BTW, why {{:/B}} is wrong? Isn't it supposed to do the right thing? Or
all our pages are default put in "Template" namespace?

BTW2, any suggestion on organizing simplified chinese pages?
Previously they are under "zh_CN/" common prefix. I want to add a
"category" for them.

I've renamed my personal page and added forward from "YuanYijun" to
"User:Bbbush". Looks strange and not well sorted on


-from a media wiki novice and /!\ lover
Tags: fedora
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