Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

want to use awesome-3.0 window manager...

awesome-3.0 relies on xcb-util so I made the spec and srpm here:


I also made a spec for awesome here, but cannot build at all:


Because it requires "cairo" to be compiled with "xcb" backend (may
have other restrictions, e.g. required "cmake" version is 2.6, not in
fedora 9) :(

thanks to PackageKit: it prompts me "new updates available: cmake-2.6...". found that I was still using "updates" repo at yum command line, should switch to "updates-newkey" and makecache again.

and just re-compiled "cairo", enabled "xcb" switch, installed it; compiled "libev", also installed, now "awesome" can compile!


To run it, "killall metacity && awesome" and see your window placed at random position... Actually the "awesome" window manager is not so beautiful (not fit GNOME desktop.) The layout switcher is pretty interesting, though I cannot figure out several of them. It seems "mugshot" popup will steal focus.

what a fun day!
Tags: fedora

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