Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
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發現 Fedora 14 Beta 升級完畢,現在重啓,希望還能正常回來。

edit: 正常了。然而 realplayer, virtualbox, texlive 都需要重新裝,還有那些卸掉的 debuginfo,還要嘗試下 http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/14/FeatureList

另外 gnome-shell 一運行桌面就掛掉了,可以切換到終端,用 metacity 替換掉,但是 gnome-panel 沒辦法啓動。也可以殺掉 gnome-session 從頭來過。

edit: Firefox 4b6 (remi) freeze if used ibus, maybe another reboot is necessary, or a clean profile? 如果輸入法能用,按下左右鍵以模擬中鍵(在新標籤頁中打開)的功能卻又不見了。

edit: 上面触摸板的问题看来是默认设置变了。man evdev 提到,Emulate3Buttons 的默认值是 true。但是我必须添加新的 xorg conf,MatchIsTouchpad 然后显式设置这个值才行。设置成 false 看来是许多 ubuntu 用户的期望值。
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/291694/comments/10 "The automatic Emulate3Buttons disabling works as intended now (the first time you press the middle mouse button, it gets disabled). Also with the new xinput improvements, you can change the settings on runtime." 还有 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1426012 "Who this is for: People running Ubuntu 10.04+ who want their mouse to register a left + right click to be 2 events (left mouse and right mouse), rather than the default of emulating a middle click. - This is very important if you play many games, or if you simply have a middle button on your mouse and don't like the default Ubuntu behavior." 下载源代码搜索了一下,原来 ChangeLog 里就有很长的一段解释(21a2ac818e75ef918d320ce1e88b6263e68e598d),说上面那种做法有点小问题,干脆禁掉得了——可是为什么不对 TrackPad 设备特殊处理呢,Pointer 设备范围太广了。
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