Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun


BlueHost 有最多五万文件的限制,在 cpanel 里可以看到文件数列表,不过还是自己数一次为好。用 git gc 压缩了半天,发现 mediawiki 和 wordpress 都只占用 1k 文件数量。超过 5w 限制大约只是无法备份吧?

fedorazh@fedora-zh.net [~]# ~/opt/bin/find-all-file-count |tail -n 15
299 ./public_html/org.fedora-zh.irc
422 ./public_html/org.fedora-zh.planet
751 ./tmp/mysql_slow_queries
760 ./tmp/webalizer
988 ./opt
1127 ./public_html/com.today-future.weblog
1736 ./tmp
2059 ./public_html/org.fedora-zh.news
2632 ./public_html/org.szlug.wiki
2746 ./.cpan/build
2856 ./.cpan
6801 ./rpmbuild/BUILD
6844 ./rpmbuild
7646 ./public_html
20615 .

fedorazh@fedora-zh.net [~]# cat opt/bin/find-all-file-count
for i in `find . -maxdepth 2 -type d`; do echo `find $i |wc -l` $i ; done |sort -n
Tags: fedora

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