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  • Wed, 22:01: 地图+手绘突然流行开来,不过是耽美。所以说产品设计不容易做,聪明的人太多了。假定 我们开始没有设计错,有了贴近大家需求的这种产品,怎么在这一波游戏里营销?怎么面临 接下来的删贴、封锁?所以说生意太难做了。 http://j.mp/qT8u52
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  • Crime and Punishment

    As a step to improve the illiterate situation I joined the Basic Program this year. It had been in my mind for a couple years, but glad this time I…

  • 你往何处去

    走的前一天买的书,觉得一定要看的书,因为是讲与基督教有关的故事。 花了两天读完了。前天是读了开头和结尾,昨天夜里把整本书一口气看掉了。 昨天夜里其实停了一阵子,打算睡觉的。罗马皇帝尼禄,我实在看不下去他的荒唐无耻。然而还是想看故事,他究竟有没有信教呢。…

  • 2020

    Last time I wrote a review was in 2018, about 2017. Or maybe I wrote something elsewhere, maybe on Twitter? It was hard to write something freely…

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