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  • Sat, 16:29: RT @free_POC: 魔鬼经济学:小时候看水浒,印象是奸官当道,民不聊生。可今天再看,感觉宋朝人真幸福:半残疾武大郎挑个担子卖炊饼就可养活潘金莲,不用顾忌城管突袭;军队军官打死个卖肉郑屠还要亡命逃跑;监狱长儿子被夺了酒店,要靠武松夺回;国防部长官二代看上林冲媳妇,还 ...
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    [root@m4700 ~]# esptool write_flash 0x00000 /home/yuan/tracking/thotcon0x9/tc0x9.bin esptool.py v2.3.1 Connecting.... Detecting chip type...…

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