Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

RE: Personal development

Nice to meet you guys. Excuse me that I didn’t talk a word during the meeting. I was thinking about the topic in a different way. The personal development is a big topic, and for me it means
• Safety, esp. for persona of my kind
• Interests, also important for myself
• Experience, what can be more important than experiencing things in your life?

With this framework, I listened to everyone and try to fit all opinions into it. Of course it is similar to Maslow’s theory, but those 3 items are relevant to our company’s needs here. The company should help employees to find goals in all 3 areas at the same time, rather than blend them. And usually people are very confusing about what one really want – they need help on this front. Excuse me if I understood incorrectly and that this framework were only valid to myself.

For safety, that means to become senior and professional. To get that, one needs training on every topic from software (again so many areas), financial, business, soft skills, leadership, get both depth and breadth. So the simple answer is I need a degree on subject matters, then something like a MBA – which are most people’s preference. Thanks to the company there is hope too.

For interests, people can handle it quite well by themselves. Resource is a constraint, but not so much. Most times when we talk about new technology or “other team’s product”, we mean interests. It is good to know so many new things, even they don’t pay anything back or does not worth anything right now. It is like going into a library or a grocery store, then go directly to the most attractive department. Enjoy the fun right away, and some days in the future these knowledge may be useful.

My recommendation is the company should spare some resource if available, but do not need to worry much.

For experience, that is the most important part for me. But for many people, this is not quite as important. This is what one has never done. It would be better if one could not possibly done, but eventually have made it. One needs most help in this front. What is something big ahead? What one cannot achieve (even cannot see it?)

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