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  • Mon, 13:11: I wish to have such service that broadcast people I know, also collect such information, and help me to trace people I should know

最近在读一本《技术元素》,作者是 wired 主编 Kevin Kelly。文章很杂,有些是几年前写的,有些读起来很有意思,尤其是“火人节”和“梅斯-加罗点”,“阿米什的工匠”等等几篇,很匪夷所思。关于信息的各种计算、数字也很有意思,“梅斯-加罗点”就是一个很棒的估算。


最近 Bitcoin 极其火热,文章很多,不知道 K.K. 有哪些妙语。
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    Wed, 09:34: WIthout threading support, Outlook managed to introduce "Focused" and "Other" as tabs in the inbox. Now I got two inbox to check.

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    Tue, 11:06: With IntelliJ IDEA it is really hard to tell which window is "active" by looking at the taskbar icon. The project n……

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    Sun, 21:01: Scared a little bit https://t.co/MQI4IPzfDa Sun, 22:07: https://t.co/22J8hD4xrp ugly paradise

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