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  • Sun, 10:12: /opt/google/talkplugin/libnpgoogletalk.so in google-talkplugin- causes firefox-20.0-1.fc18.i686 to freeze?
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  • 看了变形金刚

    * 广告 * 姑妄言之,姑妄听之。原始的能量不一定就是 恶 的能量 * 视角问题,很多东西需要故意安排得不成比例 * 被掐掉了很多细节,方块到哪儿去了? <= 谁让我看的是 天威在线 的视频 :( <= 假如全长的版本也看不清楚就太过分了 *…

  • BP 1st year

    Basic Program is a reading program from UChicago. The information can be found here [1] and currently it is open for signing up for the next year…

  • 2020

    Last time I wrote a review was in 2018, about 2017. Or maybe I wrote something elsewhere, maybe on Twitter? It was hard to write something freely…

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