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DDJ_1306, "Orthodoxy vs. Pragmatism, or How I Became a Better Developer" By Andrew Binstock

"[...]When young I was and green, I had all kinds of ideas on how code should be written. Since I was inexperienced — and didn’t appreciate how inexperienced — I would passionately argue for techniques and tools that, in retrospect, I only partially understood. Mostly, they appealed to me for some aspect whose limitations were a sealed book, but whose benefits were completely obvious — if only I could get others to recognize them, too. I was full of wonderful ideas and remedies. I was living the life of an insufferable fellow, but enjoying it because, dang!, I just knew so much. And where I lacked specific knowledge, I relied on people I admired, who used this or that tool or some special technique. If it was good enough for them, well, it was good enough for me, let me tell you. (Today’s more common equivalent is, “My professor says that...”)

Maturity brought wisdom and I began to realize that few indeed were the tools and practices that could be recommended universally.[...]"

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