Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

SFD 2013


James current executive introduces FreeGeek
Review code of conduct

Alex planner of events introduce hacker party, one is CrypytoParty, another is some crime system data and reform. Also introduce the facility.David Eads, opening keynote.

Alex introduces Beth, who introduces another speaker, Naomi CederAlex asks to turn off phones and yield seats to elderly.Naomi tells story of herself. Transgendered. Open implies diversify. Protection to marginal groups are required.

A break for lunch and hacks. Store is open too.

Alex said there is a draw for a beagle board.

Chris Fitzgerald introduces Gimp. Workshop still going on in hacker's space.

Norbert in the hacking area shows, 26th and California, which is the location of something. The website is http://26thandcalifornia.recoveredfactory.net,  the goal is not to identify criminal individual but to help realize the effect of any charge, and the statistics of any a type of crime. The system use IL court and jail data. The API is public.  The IL "general assembly" is also available online.

BY: maybe it is better present as a document annotation to the "ga" document, show statistics and history, then sum by chapters and books.

His coders meet every Saturday 1 to 5, see
http://cookcountyjail.recoveredfactory.net too.

Alex repeat code of conduct again. Beth introduces another topic, privacy, by Fred of Radicals against Discrimination.

Many volunteers now.

Fred is a security expert and code reviewer. Kerckhoff's principle: a system is secure if everything can be made public except the key.

Didn't attend: Open hardware, and international markets, and then Meg's session, Food Inspection project, Cook County Jail data project, and a panel, round up notes.

Notes taken with Evernote on Nexus 4. Several more photos in this post https://plus.google.com/101888316148207702421/posts/D82kjqsH3Mt
Tags: fedora

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