Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

CCPP night events

Bjarne Stroustrup
A tour of c++, Sep 2013
C++ PL4
C++11 better than older one, keep essentials, elegance and efficiency, compatibly matters
Range for and move operator
Constexpr functions?
Polymorphic lambda?
Nothing is trivial in a committee
Brace copy initialization
Literals, std::duration
Templates: generality and performance, interface not good enough?
Compile time duck typing, while duck tying is not good enough, too much details to know to understand the detail.
Constraints to types: concept-lite
Classifications, fundamentals of computation domains, or app area
There are not many concepts, one can remember all concepts so to be interoperable
Sub program compile able but not used in code section, only in metadata section
Shorthand notion
How to add requires for old code?
Overloading also works so old version of code may be picked up?
More than constexpr, a compile time intrinsic function
Terse notation: hide template detail. What if two args are the same type, then?
Assignable constraints.
Same_type constraints.
Qestions briefly
New CPU architectures?
Herb Sutter
One C++
What makes it a language?
English is such a powerful and broad but hard language, not C++
1937, Turing has to use German to write his dissection
500BC, Persian use imperial Aramaic, a common language, across its empire
117AD, Rome, use Latin & Koine Greek, no common language. Gov and business, respectively
Now: English dominates.
C++ is like English.
Essence, and Myth, and Unity
Myth or folly
C++ conference attendance and budget is growing
C++ changes fast and lively, standardize  new terms firstly, thread?
C++ tool able ? Clang
Too complex? Think about English
Compatibility overrated? Sep 2012 ACM, David Chrisnail: usually underrated actually.
C++ 30 years code, compare to English of 400 years old. It's because human brain is much better compiler!
Every time not compatible change happens something breaks
Ios7, Moving item allergy?
Feature growth, compare to English dialects?
Too hard for most developers? Actually used by non-CS
Simpler, regular language?
Unity: past years, different features in different orders; first time to reach convergence in GCC and Clang
Speed up implementations: C++11 in 2 years, C++14 will immediately get implemented: One C++ is becoming true
Kudos to the developers of GCC and Clang.
Fix the real problems, not details or non-problems: English dialects.
Secondary language essential
Stable ABI trade off: M$ major versions approach, or using a virtual machine? Vendor control.
Promising features?
Standard cycle? Smaller pieces moving separately.
Principles book? D&E
Blog about libraries?
GitHub C++ projects? Young programmers?
Develop complex project is a waste of time and low level?
Course on programming?
Package management is cool? Next year
Woman in the field?
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