Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun


They moved on 5/25, the memorial day, when no other moving company would like to work
They came in very early (like in 7:30am)
It rained on that morning and they completed the piano move in the rain. That was hard working. On the other hand, the rain was not heavy, also the piano was protected well.
They charge for wrap materials. For our home (1Bed) they used 9 rolls of wrapping materials, cost is $10 per roll.
The per hour charge is $110 and they managed to complete the move in 3 hours. They charge extra for truck hours ($55). They charge extra for piano ($125). They charge for cleanup time as well. So the total bill is $600. Last time I used New City and was charged less, and I feel they were faster -- pack many things in one ride, and didn't spend much time organize inside the trunk, so that time it was 130*2.5+75 for the piano (total $400). Unfortunately they do not work on that day or any date after until Jun 5 somewhat.
Have to give more tips because of the rain and heavy lifting.
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