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  • Wed, 13:41: 收到一封 T Rowe Price 的邮件,说有个 personalized video。看了下是 529 plan 的预期,以及介绍它的预测工具。虽然现在小宝只有 4 岁,每个月存多少多少钱以后,视频最后建议我调整到每个月 $500,再让孩子上个州内的,将来可以少贷些款……
  • Wed, 21:37: 搞不清 drown 的发音,竟然有人名字叫 John Drown,叫我等怎么念。 Btw 韩式英文的发音也很有特点。偶然看到亚洲面孔表情夸张,笑声夸张但是不算爽朗,一边笑一边顺利地讲英文,也觉得很诡异,怎么拿腔拿调,和老外一模一样的?母语还真是世界观的最底层……
  • Wed, 21:37: RT @ruanyf: 今天凌晨,讨论了10年的《ECMAScript国际标准(第6版)》正式通过,标志JavaScript在诞生20年后,开始升级为企业级大型应用的开发语言。http://t.co/vmysy8W1oq http://t.co/gLtkkxq5On
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    Wed, 09:34: WIthout threading support, Outlook managed to introduce "Focused" and "Other" as tabs in the inbox. Now I got two inbox to check.

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    Tue, 11:06: With IntelliJ IDEA it is really hard to tell which window is "active" by looking at the taskbar icon. The project n……

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    Sun, 21:01: Scared a little bit https://t.co/MQI4IPzfDa Sun, 22:07: https://t.co/22J8hD4xrp ugly paradise

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