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zz:Reiser4 and the Mainline Kernel


(one comment said:)

The exciting part is the new features which apparently won't ever be accepted by the kernel crew (meta data pseudo files, etc). So, yeah, the neutered version of reiser4 that might actually get merged won't be very interesting at all.

As far as coding style and design go, the Linux kernel is basically an advertising platform as far as Hans is concerned. It is the place where his filesystems can go that guarantees high visibility and usage. If you're a very ambitious filesystem designer (you might even say "fame seeking"), what more could you ask for? It's obvious that he cares very little for the design of the kernel as a whole, provided it provides the necessary facilities for his filesystems to work.

(another comment:)

It is quite simple. Hans already dump a filesystem into the kernel and then threw his hands in the air when it came to maintenance. This time the developers want to know that they can easily maintain the code before he does the same.

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