Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun

Jenkins config

Spend so much time to config one item. It should have samples for using variables and warnings for values!

- there are two environment setup area, one for "build" environment that we usually use, one for "run" environment which is set earlier and is still valid in post-build actions

- can use variables in Git "branch" settings

- cannot use variables in label expression (choose where job can run)

- in script, variables are referenced like $VARIABLE_NAME, but ${VARIABLE_NAME} should also work?

- in cmd batch script, variables are %VARIABLE_NAME% and sometimes need to use %% (in loop)

- in "Publish HTML reports", variables are supported, file name is case sensitive

- in "Publish NUnit test result", set a file name pattern, cannot use variables

Also, using a parameter as "branch" setting is a bad idea, because firstly it is slower to open "build with parameter" page; then it is often not thoroughly considered what archive target should be and what deployment job to trigger.


- If using a variable as "branch" setting, then another job is needed to set default value?

- I don't want a build job to trigger a deployment job, but treat them as "partial", call them in another job. No idea if pipeline is good at this.

- Is there a naming convention for partials?

- Still cannot do things out of daily work requirement (think of scenarios of configuring Jenkins), or only focus on daily work requirement (rather than trying to work on Jenkins). Is it a good thing? What's wrong with me?

(currently using Jenkins-1.609)
Tags: 小东西, 工作

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