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  • Tue, 12:01: Tried some Pokémon demo and Neh. It seems people have nothing better to do in that world. Yōkai is the same (an I Spy game)
  • Tue, 12:18: (F23/24 classic Gnome) Expectation: dual monitor works Reality: laptop screen only, the external one is blank https://t.co/WzzffhRxPD
  • Tue, 15:51: Someone ignored code review and wrote helper code like if(params.DependsResetEvent.WaitOne(300000)) data=params.Items[XXXX] as GraphClass...
  • Wed, 01:25: 少见的加班咯。
  • Wed, 01:26: Strongly recommend this one. https://t.co/y3jOQRtabk
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  • zz: 墙、感染、信任和欺骗 by 霍炬 (歪理邪说 2015-09-21)

    (全文转载自 墙、感染、信任和欺骗 2015-09-21 霍炬 歪理邪说) 先跟读者道个歉,最近一段时间有点忙,好久没更新。 而写文章这事,一旦有一段时间不写就会越来越写不下去。 很长一段时间我甚至不敢打开公众帐号后台,一怕被催稿, 二怕看到惨烈的退订数字以至于更不敢写……

  • zz:Pragmatism

    DDJ_1306, "Orthodoxy vs. Pragmatism, or How I Became a Better Developer" By Andrew Binstock "[...]When young I was and green, I had…

  • zz:回来后,一些搞不懂的“共识”

    http://www.mitbbs.com/article_t/Returnee/13379685.html 共识一:欧美搞设计、掌握技术和市场,中国只会生产。利润都被欧美赚走了。 但是结果是中国越来越有钱,欧美越来越没钱,这算是共识吗? 共识二:中国贫富差距大,钱都被少数人赚去了;…

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