Yuan Yijun (bbbush) wrote,
Yuan Yijun


Created a bunch of calendars in Google Calendar, to celebrate JY's last day of preschool, prepare for the coming weeks.

Google builtin calendars:
- Personal (*)
- Birthdays
- Reminders

My shared calenders (to LZ):
- For JY (*)
- For LZ (*)

My public calenders:
- Featured (*)
- TSP Chicago (*)
TBD: create more? Even if nobody uses them.

My web calendars:
- Facebook Birthdays
- Facebook Events
- Ticketmaster

My subscribed calendars
- US holidays (*)
- China holidays (*)
- PS1 events
- RVN events
- CSG public elementary school events

LZ's calendar shared to me
- Personal (Google) (*)
- webcal of CCC Blackboard (*)

LZ could see the calendars marked with star (*), so in total she could see 12 calendars, and me 17. It is a burden to track so many things.. Remember we both also have work related mailbox and calenders. I use color codes, mine is blue, JY is orange, LZ is green; shared colors: non-important items are gray, important events are red, and interesting items are other colors. Slightly alter colors to distinguish origin. I wonder how people in a big family manage calendars?
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