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  • Thu, 16:48: Why squash-all-commits is so popular.. after a shared module is merged, I got to resolve 8 branches that depend on it and now have conflicts
  • Fri, 09:40: Conference 这一周,公司的咖啡机能打出来好得多的奶泡
  • Fri, 09:42: missed.. why I did not check the agenda https://t.co/FH1888IDo3
  • Fri, 09:43: RT @MikeBarad: Author Michael Lewis says "the gold in Daniel Kahneman's character is his doubt." Question everything. #MICUS https://t.co/w
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    Last time I wrote a review was in 2018, about 2017. Or maybe I wrote something elsewhere, maybe on Twitter? It was hard to write something freely…

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    ZR 说,你教小宝滑雪,一定要让他先体会到乐趣,不然他不肯学的。于是他教了小宝很久,果然教会了,小宝玩得特开心。 DL 说,你跑步,一开始不要跑那么快,太累。保持自己的节奏,能一边跑一边说话是最好。跑得太累,以后就不愿意来跑了。 CC…

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