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Tom (spot) Callaway

> Will Fedora become another Debian

In some ways, yes, in some ways, no. Debian is almost better known for its politics and infighting more than for its contributions to open source. But at the same time, Debian has an incredible repository of packages, and I think Fedora definitely wants to be much more like that. Fedora also certainly wants to have the sort of community relations that Debian has in many places.

> Will there be another Ubuntu?

I think you're already seeing the influence of Ubuntu in Fedora Core 5. Its important to realize that Ubuntu is the end result of throwing a LOT of money at a very specific set of problems, namely, the Linux desktop experience. In a lot of ways, Ubuntu succeeded, but in a lot of ways, it fails. The Ubuntu installer is still ugly and unfriendly to new users, where the LiveCD aspect of it is very appealing. I think a lot of the desktop UI improvements in FC5 (and the laptop improvements) are a direct result of either Ubuntu inspiration or code. I think Red Hat wants to build up the Fedora community, rather than fork off an "Ubuntu Fedora". Also, in a lot of ways, Red Hat Enterprise Linux covers some of the Ubuntu ground (although, I think Ubuntu has several years before it even gets close to being in the same arena as RHEL).

> How many repos will be there and how many packages in them?

I hope as few repos as possible. Initially, someone had this vision of lots and lots of repos for all possible use cases, but that's confusing, and most people outside of the enterprise environment don't have systems for single use cases. Right now, we're focusing on three repositories (outside of Fedora Core):

- Fedora Extras (Everything with an open source, unrestricted distributable license that isn't in Fedora Core, maintained by the community)
- Fedora Legacy (Updates for Fedora Core beyond what Red Hat is committed to building, as long as there is community interest and motivation)
- Livna (Things that fall outside of the Extras criteria)

I don't honestly see a good reason for repositories outside of those three.

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