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zz:I wanna live where the Fedora people do

I wanna live where the Fedora people do
(*) Apologies to Pulp

I've never lived among Red Hat users.

While I was living in Vermont, the extent of my Linux friends was four Gentoo users and an Ubuntu user. Now that I've moved to California the LUG I'm attending is over half Debian; SuSE and Ubuntu make up the majority of the remainder.

At my work we install Fedora-derived Linux Terminal Server Labs for schools. But in the office we're running Edubuntu and Linspire thin clients.

I went to a meeting at the neighboring LUG tonight. They had a summary of their monthly business including a report on their monthly installfest. Apparently, only one person RSVP'd to say they wanted help installing. And they wanted Fedora Core 5!... which the install folks told the would-be convert hadn't been released yet.

One member of the audience asked if anyone still ran Fedora....

After the meeting, the speaker was talking about the new Knoppix and then segued into Ubuntu. He had an interesting anecdote about plugging in a new Canon digital camera on Ubuntu and it just mounted the camera and offered to import the photo's in gthumb. (On his previous distro he'd had to hack something together with hotplug and autofs.)

Why can't I live someplace where the anecdote is about Fedora?

Or at least, somewhere where the people I'm talking with realize that this kind of out-of-the-box hardware detection is not an Ubuntu specificism but the fact that Ubuntu is integrating Project Utopia bits... just like Fedora and other bleeding edge distros.

That's why my birthday wish for this year (and yes, I've seemingly managed to fritter away another decade of life) is for Core 5 to convert everyone I know into Fedora users! If that works, next year's wish will be that they become developers :-)

(我也想,真的。我真的非常好奇,fedora 用户都是些什么人,都在什么地方,难道 fedora 不是最好的发行版吗..我也 Apologiez to SZLUG 那帮 BSD+Emacs+gentoo people 吧)
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