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Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@fedoraproject.org> 致 Development

Patrick Barnes wrote:
>To start off, congratulations are in order for everyone who was involved in
>bringing Fedora Core 5 to fruition. Fedora Core 5 is the most outstanding
>Fedora Core release to date, and we've seen a lot of progress since Fedora
>Core 4. Thank you and congratulations to everyone!
>Overall, I think the Fedora Core 5 release was a great success. We had a few
>minor glitches, as will always happen on release day, but things really came
>together to deliver this awesome release in an awesome way.
>While the excitement is still strong, let's look back over the events leading
>up to and immediately following the release, and see what we can do to make
>things better both for the lifetime of this release and for future releases.
>Over the weekend, we saw quite a few leaked ISOs flying around. This is to be
>expected, but we need to try to minimize this to avoid potential problems.
>We also saw a large number of users take advantage of BitTorrent, which
>greatly reduced demand on the main servers, but, as always, people are always
>looking for more bandwidth.

Documentation on downloads, checking ISO images and using Bittorrent
should be better. The fact that we can do a minimal installation with a
single CD, a desktop class installation in 2 CD's or a network
installation with boot.iso image is far from clear to everyone involved.

It has been offered for years and people continue to request it as a new
feature not being aware that it exists already in just about every
release. Kickstart should be much better advertised.

(引文的作者是 fedora-docs 的参与者,而回复的作者是 fedora-devel 的开发者,redhat 在 fedora project 的代表,据说 fedora 5 发布之后换了人了?无论如何,他的话算是个定心丸:最小安装只要 1CD,而网络安装只要 boot.iso)
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