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从 fedora-docs 出来,我想去做一个 fedora 的 QA,所以上网找了一下。上次那位希望 live with fedora people 的人说,自己就是一位 fedora QA,本来打算问他,现在突然又发现 jkeating 作为 Release Engineering 的头儿,也是 fedora QA 的一员..

* Individual Packages
* Installation
* Release Engineering
* Kernel
* Toolchain
* General Applications
The QA tools project is led by Brock Organ - <borgan@redhat.com>. The place to discuss the QA Project is fedora-devel-list.

不过这种想法和 jkeating 在找的 QA 没有关系,我也做不了他说的那种任务.. 我还是在 fedora-devel 问问吧


Jesse Keating 致 我 更多选项 3月24日 (17小时前)

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 19:57 +0800, Yuan Yijun wrote:
> I'm a translator in fedora-docs team. I want to become a fedora QA and
> do things like a QA, but I havn't been a QA before. And I'm not clear
> about the working process in fedora. I think some one like you would
> help me :) Thank you in advance, hope to hear from you!

Unfortunately we don't have a QA team / program right now. We're
looking to hire somebody to develop this program.

也就是说,我还没办法钻这种空子,得想点别的什么做做..找 QA 的工作这种想法,也许是在公司混得久了些才会有
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