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Long time no see, groklaw! (and X mouse for win)

    Last time I can visit this site... I cannot remember what time it is, should be early this year? It is blocked due to unknown reason, totally reasonless, following Google I remember. But when Google was no longer banned, Groklaw was still kept out of our Great China. I like this site because it is interesting, there always is good articles, it is friendly to OSS world.

    今天才知道有这么好玩的东西,是我梦想中的功能:在 windows 中滚动后台的窗口。实际上,窗口是得到了焦点。
    Other functionalities: select and copy to clipboard, middle button paste, lower windows with right click on window declarations.
    复制粘贴功能不是很喜欢,总是变换焦点也很晃眼,但是可以用按下延时的方法,取消复制粘贴功能,这样就不会影响已有的功能了,例如 firefox 中的 Open in New Tab 必须 hold middle button for 1~2 sec. 变换焦点时候还是习惯于按下 Tab。
    另外,在网上还可以搜索到 Clearlooks for win32 (Ubuntu theme),感觉很不错,虽然速度有些慢。其中鼠标动画非常漂亮!

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