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Morning reading

Today's reading:

Fidelity's Magellan fund does a 180
After lagging S&P 500 for years, fund pares number of large-cap stocks, turns in return of 15.89 percent for the year.

This fund is the most observed by our PM. He often use it to test report generation. I'm not sure whether CNN said can be found in this report, and there might be errors in it.

There is very great limitation in this report generation tool. I cannot set arbitrary time span so it shows 1-Year return of 20.60, which is the return since 2005-05-01. There are some other tools, though, which allow you to set start & end dates in report. And I found that I'm always using SP500 PR instead of SP500 TR through the grid tool. The numbers are different slightly.

Live from the Red Hat Summit
From SELinux guru, danwalsh of Red Hat.
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