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Morning Reading

Second Red Hat Summit gets underway

Red Hat's Open Sauce

Magellan takes hit in May
Year to date, Magellan has gained only 1.5 percent, which is nearly two percentage points behind the S&P....After all, the only way to beat the market is to take on greater risks - and Lange is doing just that.
还是在昨天的 report 上面可以看到。CNN 也有些狡猾,昨天的 news 先报个好消息,然后今天再报另一半。所以昨天看到 YTD 一栏与 1Yr 一栏差别比较大,心里就比较疑惑.. 积极的策略怎么比得上指数化吗。
investopedia 解释 CAPM 的文章不错,比正在看的教材要好得多。

So long and thanks for all the fish...
With commit 546830, KDE says good-bye to one of its longest friends: DCOP
这是 trent 喜欢玩的,不过现在 dbus 的命令行也很好玩 :)

McAfee lawyer fired over options grants
The probes are looking at so-called backdating and spring-loading of options, although the legal issues that may be involved appear to vary widely, analysts said.

Backdating involves boosting the value of stock options by resetting their grant dates to coincide with a low point in the market price of the underlying shares. Spring-loading involves granting options on a date expected to be followed shortly by a strong surge in the price of the underlying shares.

GNU grep's new features
One of these changes is that the interpretation of character classes is now locale-dependent. That means that ranges specified in bracketed expressions like [A-Z] don't mean the same thing everywhere. If the system's current locale environment calls for its own characters or sorting, these settings will override any default character range.

This whole concept is nothing more than the following:

grep NAME filename is exactly the same as awk '{if(/NAME/)print}' filename
egrep -o 'REGEX' filename is the exactly same as awk 'BEGIN{RS="REGEX"}{print RT}' filename

where NAME is a string and REGEX is a regular expression.

AWK is much much more powerful than egrep.

Introducing features from AWK into egrep seems stupid when AWK is there.
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